Sunday, December 20, 2009

Same sex marrage?

"District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty signed a measure recognizing such marriages as legal. The district council overwhelming passed the bill Tuesday, following a similar vote December 1.

Fenty signed the measure at All Souls Church, a Unitarian Universalist house of worship in the northwest part of the district that is known for its diversity and for the welcoming of same-sex couples." (

Should we allow same sex marriage?

In a country based on liberty; should homosexual couples be able to receive god’s blessing? So that they can live in what society considers a life of sin. I’m in a way happy because as a lesbian woman and American citizen, I consider “The pursuit of happiness” one of my natural rights. Whether it’s with a woman or a man, we all have a right to be happy. And who is congress to stop us?

At the same time I see it from another point of view. What would allowing same sex marriage do to our society? We would be going against god’s will. Same sex marriage doesn’t just affect the government and personal opinions. It’s about our own morals.

Let’s make the right choice.